The Captured Chaos Art Gallery

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How to Order Paintings

Most paintings in the gallery are for sale. Some have already been sold and they are tagged with the keyword Sold.

If you find a painting you’re interested in buying, click on it and you can see its name along the top of the page and its size among the keywords.


Please check that the painting is the size you want before ordering.

To order a painting send an email and include the following information:

  • Which painting (the filename at the top of the gallery page when you click on any painting in the gallery)
  • Your name and mailing address
  • How you’d like to pay
  • Any special shipping instructions, or whether you plan to pick it up in-person

The cost of a painting is based on its size:
  • 8x8” $50 + Shipping
  • 8x10” $55 + Shipping
  • 9x12” $65 + Shipping
  • 12x12” $75 + Shipping
  • 12x16” $85 + Shipping
  • 16x20” $100 + Shipping

When I receive your email I’ll verify that the painting is still available and confirm that with you by email. Then you can either pay via "Sending to a friend" (to, or with check (I’ll provide the address in my email response to you), or with cash. After I have processed your payment I’ll package your painting(s) up and ship to you via the USPS. Do not use the PayPal “goods & services” method to make payment!

If more than one person happens to order the same painting before I can mark it as sold the painting will go to the person whose email I received first.

How Paintings are Shipped

  • Each painting is wrapped in tissue paper
  • The wrapped painting is enclosed in custom-made cardboard clamshell box
  • Each box is thoroughly taped and then covered with thick shipping paper
  • Printed address labels improve reliability of delivery
  • Packages are hand-delivered to the post-office

The shipping fee is whatever the post office charges for postage for the kind of shipping you want, plus $10 per order for packaging.

As examples:
  • an 8x10 I shipped recently “second day delivery” cost $8 in postage
  • a 16x20 I shipped “second day delivery” recently cost $16.90 in postage

Faster delivery costs a lot more. Slower delivery doesn’t save very much money over second day delivery.

In-Person Pickup

You can avoid all postage fees and the $10 per order packaging fee by picking up your order in person at my home, which we can arrange via email. We can have a contactless exchange for safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Refund Policy

I do not typically offer refunds. The paintings are always better than the photos so it is unlikely you’d be dissatisfied with a painting if you liked the photo in the gallery; however, if you aren’t happy with your purchase I want to know about it. I’ll consider a refund on a case-by-case basis. If I agree to a refund, you must agree to ship it back at your cost in the same or better packaging, and only the cost of the painting itself will be refunded. There are never refunds for paintings picked up in-person.

Restrictions on Purchased Art

Purchase of any art created by Howard Cohen does not convey any rights to display images of that art even if the images are taken or edited by someone else. All digital rights to images are reserved by Howard Cohen. No image of any of the art created by Howard Cohen may appear online without permission.

Copyright Notice

All images in the site and its gallery are Copyright 2020-2021 by Howard Cohen. All rights reserved worldwide.